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Material collecting system high dump - capacity 850 liters

CLS-H 850 SE

#leavenothingbehind - High Performance Grass Removal - Leaves nothing behind but manicured lawns

The CLS H 850 SE high dump collecting system features a lightweight but rugged self-supporting hopper with PE plastic shells. The hopper's optimized shape ensures that the clippings are highly compacted, making efficient use of the entire volume. Even under the toughest conditions, the powerful turbine enables economical processing on a wide range of surfaces. The optimized airflow and filter system greatly reduce dust generation even in dry conditions.

HighlightsAdvantages and features

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Sophisticated lifting kinematics

The hopper can be emptied both onto the ground and, thanks to the stable lifting kinematics with double-acting cylinders, can also be conveniently emptied, for example, onto a trailer or into a hopper. The user benefits from the high lower edge and the optimum loading reach, enabling even filling. The Standard Edition CLS High Dump is equipped with electromagnetic switching valve as standard.

Optimized hopper

The grass collection system has a rugged and shapely hopper consisting of PE plastic shells which is available in various tractor-specific colors. Due to the optimized container shape, lawn cuttings or leaves are strongly compacted, the entire volume is used efficiently and the frequency of emptying breaks is reduced.

Powerful turbine

With its robust and powerful - and yet extremely quiet - low-wear steel turbine, the CLS-H 850 SE grass collection system achieves a particularly high suction power, which ensures optimum grass flow.

Carried or pulled

The CLS-H SE is available as either a carried version or a towed version - shown here with a choice of wheel sets.

Flow Control

Makes grass collection even more efficient with optional material flow control with fill level indicator. The unit monitors the fill level of the container for the user and indicates when it is full by means of LEDs. This allows the container to be completely filled with clippings and the mowing distance to be increased. Blockage of the mower port is also detected and indicated at an early stage. This enables time-consuming and dangerous cleaning work to be avoided and downtime to be reduced.     


Facts & Figures

Type of dumping
850 L
Loading height
520 mm
Turbine diameter
450 mm
Required hydraulic connections
Attachment versions

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