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Snow blowers

Sturdy icebreakers

#icebreakerTotally chilled in the fight against Jack Frost

Our sturdy and powerful snow blowers work their way uncompromisingly through even large masses of snow, making them the ideal helpers in winter maintenance. Not just paths, but also large areas such as parking lots are thus cleared of snow and ice effortlessly and in a short time.

SBL-40 snow blower

Designed for mounting on compact tractors with a drive power of 12-30 kW and ideal for snow heights of up to 650 mm

Blower drum 400 mm

#blowitawayThe advantages for you

Rotatable chute and optional hydraulic or electric ejection hinges

Optimally adapted for use on municipal tractors

Various attachment options

ImpressionsPhotos and Videos

Pictures simply say more - Check out our product in action and more photos here in our gallery.

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