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People at matev

#wePeople are central to us

matev's success is mainly based on the commitment, skills and personality of the people who work for us.


#matevintimateOur employees

Who are the people who work for us?
Find out more about our employees, their jobs and their hidden talents.


Sina Lindner

There is no part of the company that she hasn't rocked yet. Always looking ahead, her only interest is in the question of how to solve the task in a structured way and the Excel project plan. With her hands-on mentality and good humor, she solves any task from rescuing large OEM projects to developing outstanding quality management. We think every company needs a Sina ...but we won't be giving ours away.

#universalweapon #lunchorganizer #todolistcheckoffmakeshappy #allroundtalent


Thomas Naus

Thomas is our man for the nitty gritty. A genius in prototyping, he always considers the users and their needs first. To achieve this, he tinkers down to the last detail. He has the advantage that - as a lover of Italian motorcycles - he is always in practice when it comes to repairing them. As a firefighter experienced in emergency operations, he also helps us put out short-term "matev fires" before the show.

#gyrogearloose #screwitletsdoit


Hans Breit

Hans is our rock in the assembly department. As the manager there, he is the coordinator and calming influence and always has everything in view and firmly under control. He is our all-rounder and he’s up to anything. No matter whether it’s welding, painting or special tasks from marketing - in a pinch he’ll even spray golden records - and always with a smile on his face.

#cevapciciandco #worldsstrongestman


Johannes Just

Our Dealer Support Johannes is our confident voice to the outside world. He is direct and honest, but thanks to his Viennese charm, always likeable. This is how he advises our customers all over Europe. He knows our products down to the last detail and can sparkle at every training session. He is matev salesman through and through and he even has the last word/glass when negotiating with customers at the bar. And good tip, he is always available for a selfie and create some nice memories.

#makecustomersgreatagain #alwaysontheroad


Georg Hemmerlein

Someone who was around from the get-go, he believes in matev like no one else. As managing partner, he is our visionary, strategist and always one step ahead of everyone else. His inimitable flair for design and technology makes our matev world look a little better every day. With passion and great trust in his team, he also guides matev through some of the challenges of entrepreneurship. But watch out, never offer him a bad red wine, because this golf aficionado knows his stuff about that too.

#ohcaptainmycaptain #functionfollowsdesign #firstmember


William Tawiah

The same way he plays on the offensive line in American football, he's on the front line for us, too. As the head of our sales administration department, he is always ready to advise our customers and take orders, requests and suggestions and pass them on to the company. He combines his technical expertise with the dash of a quarterback. He is our playmaker, heart and head of the sales admin team. And he is single again 😉

Please send your application for this top guy to us.

#bachelor #mvp


André Gallasch

Our operations manager has a firm grip on the reins. Moving around the company on a daily basis, his mission is smooth organization to ensure that all goods get to the right place at the right time. From optimizing the flow of goods, maintaining a modern IT landscape and managing our suppliers - his job description reads like the encyclopedia of operations management. Sometimes he even goes off the beaten path and amazes us with creative ideas for marketing - matev the trailblazer. And he can even bake pizza - what more could you want!

#marketingundercover #go-to-guy


Albrecht Zschweigert

Our technical genius is physically the largest matev team member. And he is also one of the greats when it comes to humor. He tinkers with new equipment until he finds a workable solution for even the most complex issues. He handles the requirements of large corporations just as conscientiously as the development of the small screw-on metal sheet. Our Head of CAD likes contradictions, maybe that's why somebody loves small cars in spite of his size.

#smartinsmart #albrechtfornobelprize #whatdoesntfitwillbemadetofit


Kristin Meinel

Our Feel Good Manager from the very beginning. She has been making us and our customers happy for over 10 years now. With creative ideas, bold implementation and always a bit of glitter, communication is her hobbyhorse. Everything from our new market presence to the matev party and our product presentations bears her colorful signature. We are really feeling it!

#shefeelsit #putsomeglitteronit


Jeanette Spies

The newest crew member in the matev marketing world... we' re thrilled that the universe sent us this tech-loving nerd girl, who constantly challenges us with the latest Generation Y ideas and implements our projects in matev Spirit Style with a big heart and boundless enthusiasm. What’s more, she is not afraid to tackle the less glamorous tasks of our daily marketing routine... she is a true THW member through and through.



Andrea Herbst

She’s the savvy head with the casual style who loves to think big and from a different perspective and does so without getting carried away... and most importantly, with perfect grammar. She can smell spelling mistakes a mile away against the wind; no one has shaped the matev style, both graphically and linguistically, like she has. We have her creativity and nonchalance to thank for wordsmithery, invitations, and print media with the requisite bit of matevconviviality and a whole lot of palpitations.

#spellingguru #neverthereonmondays