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The new matev MOW-PT portal mower: green care meets species protection


The MOW-PT impresses with its performance and environmental compatibility. With precise mowing technology and a counter-rotating blade drive, it not only guarantees outstanding cutting quality, but also protects the environment and the insects that live in it.

In addition, the MOW-PT is extremely flexible in use and adapts easily to different terrain conditions. With the option of individually adjusting the cutting height, it offers a tailor-made solution for every situation.

For local authorities, this makes green space maintenance much easier. Instead of having to rely on external service providers or resorting to time-consuming alternatives, they can now carry out their maintenance activities for large green spaces with biodiversity independently and efficiently.

The MOW-PT meets all relevant requirements and even qualifies for funding as part of the Federal Ministry for the Environment's "Natural Climate Protection in Municipalities" (NKK) funding program. This means that it not only offers local authorities an environmentally friendly solution, but also financial incentives for their investment.

In summary, matev's MOW-PT is a valuable addition to modern and environmentally friendly green space maintenance in local authorities. It shows how advanced technology can help to protect the environment and at the same time increase the efficiency of maintenance.

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