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Sweeper sweeper roller diameter 57 cm - Arbeitsbreite 160 cm


#sweepingbeautyWhere it sweeps, cleanliness remains 

The SWE-57 series sweeper is designed for professional use for sweeping dirt and snow on small and municipal tractors and carrier vehicles between 30 and 60 hp and has a side drive with chain drive. With the right drive, the speed can be flexibly adapted to the specific requirements and speeds. Switching between CW and CCW can be done quickly and easily by turning the gearbox.

HighlightsAdvantages and features

Pros and cons? With us there are only pros.

Side drive with duplex chain 

The side drive with duplex chain impresses with its easy handling and maintenance. It is available in versions with 1000 or 2000 rpm and in CW and CCW versions and can be adapted to the respective tractor if required.

Optionally hydraulic

The hydraulically operated version of the SWE-57 sweeper is ideal for use on yard loaders, articulated loaders and similar vehicles. This version considerably extends the range of applications and makes the SWE-57 a versatile and exciting tool for a wide range of applications.

Height-adjustable sweeping rollers 

The easy height adjustment of the sweeping roller enables precise adjustment to different surfaces and thus increases the efficiency of surface cleaning. The ability to change sweeping rollers quickly and easily increases flexibility for use in a wide range of cleaning scenarios.

Sustainable sweeping roller trims

The sweeper has easily replaceable spiral brushes with a diameter of 570 mm. As a particularly sustainable and environmentally friendly option, these are also available in regenerative BIOLON® (bio-polymer).

Side brushes with different trimmings

The optional hydraulic side brush with a brush diameter of 600 mm is available with different trimmings (Perlon, steel/Perlon, steel). This allows the sweeper to be adapted to different areas of application, such as simple sweeping, but also the removal of heavier soiling or weed removal. 

Debris hopper 

The optional debris collection hopper collects the swept material during the sweeping operation and can be emptied hydraulically afterwards.  

Water spray device 

The optionally available water spray device with 110 liter water tank and an electric 12 volt water pump applies water evenly to the surface with its 3 flat spray nozzles and ensures that the dust binds and dust formation is significantly reduced when sweeping. 

Side marker lights and warning flags

The optional LED marker lights and warning flags allow safe and comfortable work. 

Daten & Fakten

Dimensions (L/W/H)
900 x 1.830 x 730 mm
Weight without accessories
225 kg
Working width
maximum1.600 mm
pivoted1.500 mm
Sweeper roller diameter
570 mm
Sweeper roller bristles
spiral bristlesopt.
spiral bristles BIOLON®opt.
Drive type
Drive rpm selectable
1.000 rpm / 2.000 rpm
Debris hopper
opt. / volume 135 liters
Side broom
opt. / ⌀ 600 mm
Side broom bristle
Steel / perlonopt.
Splash guard
Splash plate
Water sprayer
opt. / 110 liters
Side marker lights
Warning flags
Attachment possibilities
Cat. 0
Cat. 1
Cat. 1 for catch hooks
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