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Suction sweeper multifunctional suction nozzle - working width 120 cm


#squeakycleanHefty suction power in area maintenance! 

Our matev MRM-120 suction sweeping nozzle is ideal for large-area material removal on a variety of surfaces thanks to its extensive equipment options. No matter whether it’s leaves, grass cuttings, debris or garbage, the MRM-120 always ensures perfect cleaning results. The hydraulically driven, powerful and robust rotor brush easily loosens even wet, packed sweepings from the ground. In combination with matev collection systems or the matev trailer, it guarantees efficient and economical material removal.

HighlightsAdvantages and features

Pros and cons? With us there are only pros.

Side brooms

With side brooms optionally available for both sides with either steel trim or mixed steel/perlon trim, the working width can be extended up to 2.10m and precise cleaning can be achieved even in edge areas.

Stable steel construction

The MRM-120 is stable and low-maintenance thanks to its steel construction with integrated chassis and sophisticated hosing. Optimal for all terrains because it adapts to the ground with tool-free height-adjustable casters and 2D yaw compensation.

Height-adjustable air gap

The height-adjustable air gap ensures optimal adaptation to the material to be collected.

Pressure roller

The optionally available pressure roller ensures that leaves do not pile up in front of the unit, thus optimizing the feed into the suction nozzle.

Manual Suction Nozzle

With the optional manual suction nozzle, you can quickly and easily switch to manual suction for your cleaning jobs, so hard-to-reach places are no problem.

ImpressionsPhotos and Videos

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Facts & Figures

Dimensions (L/W/H)
886 x 1,300 x 870 mm
Weight without accessories
105 kg
Working width
easy1,200 mm
with 1 side broom1,650 mm
with 2 side brooms2,100 mm
Sweeper rollers rotational direction
Against the direction of travel
Roller brush drive required oil quantity
>11 l /min at 100 bar
Tractor attachment
Cat. 0
Cat. 1
Height-adjustable attachment
Casters, reinforced
Ø Side broom
500 mm

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