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Cabin for John Deere 3038E

CAB-FC 3038E

#goodallaroundMore than just a roof over your head

The high-quality CAB-FC 3038E driver's cab for the John Deere 3038E gives you more than just a roof over your head. Driver safety, tested to OECD Standard Code 7, is the top priority here. In addition to the TÜV sample certificate, the cab also comes with a large scope of delivery, which offers the driver a high level of comfort for his work. A powerful hot-water heater, windshield washer and rearview mirror are included as standard, as are StVZO lights and license plate holders. Good all-round visibility and ventilation are provided by the dual-position glass front windshield, the glass rear windshield with windshield heater that can also be opened, and the doors made of UV-stable polycarbonate with sliding windows.

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Facts & Figures

Technical Data
Attachment option
Dead weight
218 kg
Installation height
approx. 2,100 mm
Assembly time
approx. 8 hours
TÜV sample certificate
Heating system
Windshield washer system
Supplemental lighting
Flashing lights
Acoustic insulation package

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