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Front mower sickle mower - working width 190 cm

MOW-FM 190

#lawnloveSimply more than mowing!

The matev MOW-FM 190 mower conveniently enables mowing and collection in one operation and is perfectly is perfectly suited for collecting grass with the CLS series collection systems. It has a cutting width of 187 cm and is designed for front-mounting on compact tractors of 34 hp and above. With the ability to set a low cutting height to as little as 15 mm, below the FIFA specification of 28 mm, it is particularly suitable for use on sports fields and golf courses. Also because of its noise-reducing PE cover, this robust professional mower is particularly quiet and low in vibrations. 

Mower options

Thanks to interchangeable mower inserts or attachment options, you can combine up to five functions in one machine if required:

Side ejection

The side ejection enables regulated ejection to the side.


Mowing with mulch insert promotes ecological fertilization of the lawn and thus improves the soil structure.

Mowing and collecting

The collection port conveniently enables mowing and collection in one operation and is perfectly tailored for collecting grass with the CLS series collection systems.

HighlightsAdvantages and features

Pros and cons? With us there are only pros.

Adjustable cutting height

The height-adjustable casters make it easy to regulate the cutting height of the mower deck between 15 and 135 mm. Whether it's parks, sports fields or other green areas, MOW-190 guarantees cleanly cut grass and thus perfect mowing results. The adjustable air inlets also ensure excellent cutting and collection quality, especially at low cutting heights.

Naturally lush green

Mulched lawns are vigorous lawns - why not fertilize your green space in this natural way too. The optional screw-on mulching insert of the MOW-FM 190 ensures a perfect result with its special mulching blades that chop the grass clippings extra small.

Easy maintenance

Cleaning and blade changes are made easy with the (optional hydraulic) fold-up mower deck. This ensures non-stop efficiency for professional mowing jobs.

Lawn-friendly wheels

The 360-degree free-swivel casters ensure optimal handling, and the wheel offset and front anti-scalp support rollers effectively prevent damage to the turf.

Facts & Figures

Dimensions (L/W/H)
1,452 x 2,164 x 535 mm
Weight without accessories
277 kg
Working width
1,870 mm
Cutting height from - to
15 - 135 mm
Number of blades
Drive type
Drive rpm selectable
1,000 rpm / 2,000 rpm
Mulch kit

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