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Front linkage


#maytheforcebewithyouFull power ahead

The matev FPS-JD 4R front power lift delivers an impressively stable design and sophisticated construction.

Since the very beginning, every matev front power lift has been optimally adapted to the relevant tractor design, thus guaranteeing maximum fitting accuracy as well as easy assembly. The tried-and-tested lifting geometry of our front power lifts ensures the greatest lifting height possible in a compact design and enables reliable operation up to the tractor's performance limits, even in the most difficult applications. Our front power lifts are optimally adapted for use with the attachments from the matev product range, which makes them a universal implement for a wide range of applications. Optimal dimensioning of lifting power over the lift height always enables fast and trouble-free attachment and detachment of implements.

ImpressionsPhotos and Videos

Pictures simply say more - Check out our product in action and more photos here in our gallery.

Facts & Figures

Attachment option
Extension sets
Cat. 0
Cat. 1
Cat. 1 Walterscheid arrestor hook
Cat. 074 kg
Cat. 196 kg
Lifting force at the coupling point
1,890 kg
Lifting force 600 mm before the coupling point
1010 kg
Number of cylinders
Removable lower link
Front PTO shaft
Live PTO shaft
Hydraulic extension set
Further options
Frame trussing
Front grille
Pressure accumulator

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