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#makeitwowmatev attachments and Kärcher equipment carriers

Both companies rely on a characteristic yellow design. matev and Kärcher work hand in hand to make Kärcher's municipal carrier vehicles fit all year round. 

#roundaboutyearTake a look at what matev has to offer for your Kärcher 

  • sweepers
  • mowers
  • snow blade
  • spreaders
  • weed brush
  • Basic equipment

matev MOW-FM 140 front mower on Kärcher MIC 35

matev MOW-PT 155 portal mower on Kärcher MC 130

Kärcher MC 26 with matev PLF-255 flatbed and SPR-BX box spreader, as well as the SRM-VP snow plough at the front 

matev SWE-14-57 H hydraulic front sweeper with the SPR-BX box spreader on the Kärcher MC 130

WRM-145 H weed brush on Kärcher MC 130

SPR-BX 100 box spreader on Kärcher MC 130

matev FPS-KÄ MC 130 front lift