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The quaffable development of the „Krat-Ratz“ weed brush


It started with a goal, many problems and challenges and ended with an idea that was born in a drunken stupor. 


To round off the product, matev decided to develop a weed brush for small and municipal tractors. Here, the focus was not on thermal or chemical weed removal, but on mechanical, as the first two are not too friendly to the environment.

Also, it should be with a mechanical drive instead of a hydraulic one, so that the weed brush can also be operated with a smaller tractor, and without its own hydraulic circuit.

So the thought was, we need a cardan shaft. The problem is that this has a maximum angle of inclination of 70°, because otherwise damage can occur to the joints.

So you have to go far beyond the width of the tractor to get the right angle. However, we did not like that.

But then, at night, the technician in charge of the problem had an idea after a drink-fuelled evening with his friends. One could also operate the drive with belts. This would have the advantage of a wider swivel range and a shorter distance to the tractor. The initial spark for the development was given.

With a triple belt drive, however, the desired performance was not achieved at first and the belt kept slipping. After a thought experiment with a chain drive, which was not suitable for the bearing, the quadruple belt drive was tested.
And that was the solution; the desired performance was achieved.