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matev presents itself at municipal days


Recently matev GmbH participated in the municipal days of the company WM-Technikzentrum GmbH in Bad Wildungen as well as LVD Krone in Spelle. The events were attended by representatives of municipalities, professional users and private individuals, who had the opportunity to learn about matev's products, among other things.

Jürgen Abing, sales representative at matev, was on site and was able to give the visitors an insight into matev products and technologies. Specific questions were asked about the machines and helpful tips were given on how to use them.

"We always strive to offer our customers the best possible quality and performance," said Jürgen Abing. "We are very pleased to have participated in those municipal days and to be able to present our products and services to visitors in this way."

The event was a great success and also gave participants the opportunity to exchange ideas and make new contacts with other experts in the industry. 
We are very proud to have participated in the events and to have been able to present matev GmbH and our products to the wider public.