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Expansion of the sweeper range to include a robust side drive sweeper


The models in the SWE 57 series, available in working widths of 145, 160 and 185 cm, impress with a sturdy steel frame that meets even the highest demands of municipal and service companies. A highlight is the flexible adaptation to implement carriers thanks to an optional conversion kit, which enables adaptation to different PTO speeds, as well as the option of changing the direction of rotation by turning the gearbox.

We also offer a hydraulically operated version of the SWE-57, ideal for yard loaders, articulated loaders and similar vehicles. With pendulum levelling as standard and easy height adjustment of the sweeping roller, the SWE-57 enables precise adjustment to different surfaces and optimum surface cleaning.

The SWE-57 is not only suitable for surface cleaning, but also for sweeping snow. An optional water spray device minimises dust formation in dry conditions and contributes to environmental friendliness.

Special attention to environmental friendliness is emphasised by the availability of a biodegradable sweeping roller set made of regenerative BIOLON. The SWE-57 with its environmentally friendly components sets a clear signal for sustainability in area maintenance.

The introduction of the SWE-57 side drive sweeper represents a new milestone in matev surface maintenance. Its robustness, efficiency and adaptability, combined with its environmental friendliness, make it an attractive choice for municipal and service companies looking for sustainable solutions. The versatility and flexibility of the machine enable precise cleaning of a wide variety of surfaces and contribute to increased efficiency.